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HR Audit & Assessment

Fastrack Manpower Resources compliance Team complete assessment of an organization's compliance to guidelines and laws set out by the respective regulatory authority of that particular industry and advise to maintain the lapses of compliances as per various act.

Our Compliance auditing is something business with strict regulatory management systems should be doing regularly.

Know How People Will Perform Before You Hire Them

“Good people know good people.” ... Steve says it's worth considering a talent strategy to bring clarity to your ... you'll be finding great people who will make the company perform, ...

Leadership Assessments

A multi-method self-assessment to identify leadership potential, sooner. An online tool that measures leaders' current performance and future potential.

Sales Assessments

Most sales assessments tend to measure aptitude or personality, making claims that certain traits lead to an individual's ability to succeed in sales.

Management Assessments

Management assessment tests are used as pre-hire screening exams to determine whether or not you're the right fit for the job. JobTestPrep's preparation pack ...

Safety Forces Assessments

When it comes to roles as critical as those in safety forces, it’s important to properly assess potential hires for their fit to your department.

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